Bugged Out in Thailand!

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Ready-made chile pastes at a local market.
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Chef Tony and the Bug

Chef Tony and the Bug

From Paul Ross, who prefers eating chiles to munching on insects: “Food-wise, things get hotter the farther north you go. I took the current ad slogan “Amazing Thailand” as a personal challenge and decided to amaze the Thais by requesting more chile after repeated warnings of “too hot for the farangs (foreigners).”As in most developed exotic climes, major hotels and tourist restaurants tended to downplay the spicy nature of local cuisine so much that the dishes served were bland. But the omnipresent noodles were always quickly cooked to order and, thankfully, locals and farang alike can spice to taste. Chile was available at every meal in several forms: red flake, thinly slivered in vinegar or fish sauce, as a paste and–I might be mistaken about this–injectable.” Read the article until your eyes bug out here.