New Chile Book from…Finland?

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Chili-Kirja, Finland
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My email friend and fellow chilehead, Jukka Kilpinen, has just published a new book on chiles with the Finnish publisher Gummeris. The problem? According to Jukka, the book is in Finnish rather than English.  He writes: “If it would have been up to me, it would originally have been in English to start with. The problem is getting it translated now. I can assure (and prove)  that the photo material is very good and there’s quite a lot of it. Even includes some ‘not previously seen’ wild chile peppers and other stuff. We even have translators ready for the project but we need help to get the book in English.” He points out on his English Facebook page that many of his friends would buy the book if it were in English. I wish Jukka good luck and for those interested, here is the information on the book, in Finnish, which translates quite well if you use Chrome and activate the Google Translate option.