Review of “Tastes Like Chicken”

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In Virginia in the 1850s, “The locomotives would pull in and the [black] women would hold their trays of piping hot fried chicken up to the windows, letting passengers pick and choose what part of the bird they wanted–five cents for a back, ten cents for a wing, fifteen cents for a leg or breast.”

The Holiday Weekend from Hell

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But later, in the shower, I unconsciously switched the hand sprayer from my right hand to my left hand, and all of a sudden, my left hand was functioning again. Weak, but working. A minor miracle.

Review of Black Flags, Blue Waters

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The colonies of America loved the pirates because they spent money–lots of it–to replenish their ships, buying food, liquor, clothing, sailing gear (like lines and anchors) while they stayed and dined at inns, dallied with prostitutes, and bribed government officials.