Microfarming for Profit Launches January 6

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Microfarming for Profit_smallMicrofarming for Profit: From Garden to Glory by Dave DeWitt

“This useful, entertaining guide gives prospective microfarmers the dirt on realistic essentials for turning a garden into a money–making enterprise…The author advises on such basics as business plans and sales techniques; profiles a range of actual working microfarms, from flowers to killer bees; and relates hilarious stories from his own microfarming.”

Microfarming for Profit is a step-by-step entrepreneur’s guide on how to turn unused or under-used land into an efficient, high-yielding, and profitable microfarm by growing only high-value crops and animals. DeWitt profiles the best growing choices, describes his own microfarms and profiles others, teaches how to sell what’s produced, and specifies value-added, storable products that can quickly increase the farmer’s bottom line.

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