Department of Stupid Internet Advice

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On many of the news websites there is a section for paid advertorials that are designed to funnel viewers to various other sites to attempt to sell them something they generally don’t need. To grab the viewers’ attention, often these adverorials offer “advice” on various subjects, Here are a few of them that are particularly egregious. –Police warn not to … Read More

My Two Favorite World War II Books

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My retirement from show production is now complete! I produced trade/consumer shows for 51 years, including 34 Fiery Foods and Barbecue Shows. Mark Masker now takes over as producer of that show and publisher of,,,, and I had a great run with shows, but from now on, my focus will be on writing books. I … Read More

Review of “Catching Hell”

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The primary author of this book, Allen Ricca, is a seafood distributor, so he knows what he’s writing about. This informative book is an exposé 0f the seafood industry that pulls no punches. here are six takeaways from it: “Fresh” has varying meanings and can’t be trusted. Avoid seafood that is breaded or sauced. Avoid seafood chain restaurants like Red … Read More

Recent Books I’ve Enjoyed

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I think I’ve read every one of Don Winslow’s novels and enjoyed them all. He is one of our best crime novelists and he doesn’t deal with penny-ante misdeeds but rather crimes involving gangs, cartels, and the mafia–heavy duty stuff. His previous trilogy concerned Mexican cartels and  drugs, and City on Fire is the first book in a trilogy about … Read More

I Am Retiring!

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I produced my first event in Richmond, Virginia when I was 28 years old. I am now 78, so I’ve been a show producer for 50 years. I think that’s long enough. The 2023 National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show will be my final event. I have sold Sunbelt Shows, Inc. to my long-time editor, Mark Masker, who will co-produce … Read More