Department of Stupid Internet Advice

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On many of the news websites there is a section for paid advertorials that are designed to funnel viewers to various other sites to attempt to sell them something they generally don’t need. To grab the viewers’ attention, often these adverorials offer “advice” on various subjects, Here are a few of them that are particularly egregious.
–Police warn not to pick up folded dollar bill in your yard. (It might be covered with cooties.)
–Stick rose stalks into your potatoes. (For sweet-smelling prickly mashed potatoes.)
–Put a towel under the door of your hotel room. (To prevent cannabis smoke from seeping into the hallway.)
–Put a plastic bag over your car’s side mirror. (To prove that you’re a Republican.)
And my favorite one:
–Don’t eat bananas for breakfast; plant them in your backyard and see what happens.  (They attract snails so you can make delicious escargot.)