“Real Chilehead” Comedy Alert!

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The Internet has been flamed again, but this time in a chile discussion group by a tongue-tortured twist on Jeff Foxworthy’s comedy bit, “You Know You’re a Redneck If….” Many of the following gags were collected (and some written) by Denny Hayes.

You Know You’re a Real Chilehead If…

…You consider habaneros to be one of the four basic food groups.

…There are more than thirty opened bottles of hot sauce in your refrigerator.

…Your dog Pepper refuses scraps from the dinner table.

…You consider hot sauce on your oatmeal an intriguing idea.

…You no longer get to cook at family get-togethers.

…You have a bake sale consisting of chile-laced pastries to raise money to go to the Fiery Foods Show.

…You leave your back issues of Chile Pepper magazine to the local library in your will.

…You have insured your hot sauce collection for more than what your car is worth.