The Founding Foodies


Cover of The Founding FoodiesHow Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin Revolutionized American Cuisine

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What people are saying about the book:

–“It’s a lovely mix of history and food. In our society today, where all manner of tastes can be satisfied by a trip to the local market, we do not appreciate the demands placed on our ancestors to procure and enjoy a meal. From the basic chore of developing and growing grains and meat, to the tasks of importing the spices and other additives to enhance the food, supplying our new nation with sustenance was, and still is, a monumental undertaking.” –Bob Mayberry, Professional Farmer, Artesia, New Mexico

–“Dave DeWitt’s Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Foodies is that rare work of historical writing–scholarly, immediately useful, and great fun. I will tuck into it with great gusto.”–Alan Pell Crawford, author of Twilight at Monticello, book reviewer for The Wall Street Journal, and a fellow at International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello

You’ve put together a wonderfully detailed and rollicking culinary tale. It’s one I will look forward to sharing with friends. I love your excursions into the English figuring out what to eat, Valley Forge myths, the importance of the salt industry, and the importance of fishing in the new Republic. Cool stuff woven into a compelling narrative.” Leni A. Sorensen, Ph.D. African-American Research Historian, Monticello

This book wholly represents the culinary traditions and passions of important historical figures like Thomas Jefferson – a true scholar and gastronome. It is a fascinating tale of how our nation’s third president elegantly married French and American cookery. Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Foodies is sure to enlighten and entertain everyone from historians to home cooks. –Walter Staib, Chef/Proprietor, City Tavern Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA

–“Part cookbook, part formative examination, The Founding Foodies importantly shows the origins of the American food lover.  Far from a contemporary creature, the foodie helped to make America: the products of his tastes, his wars, and his import that all appear in force in today’s diet.  DeWitt delivers a book that teaches new foodies about their roots, and shows American history buffs a new portion of our nation’s first hundreds of years.” –ForeWord Reviews