Research Tricks for the New Era

DaveRuminations on Writing

Things are getting even better in the world of researching in order to write a book.  I try to keep up with as much new technology as I can, but there’s always something out that you’ve never heard of before. In an ongoing series, I’m going to post the little tricks I learned in order to make researching a lot faster and a lot more accurate.

Researching in a Book Without an Index. I just don’t understand why editors allow this. Every nonfiction book should have an index. I’m writing a new book called Botanical Obsessions, and I was trying find the ingredients for a bhang drink in India. That’s like a marijuana smoothie.  So I found my copy of Eating India, which I’ve used before, and tried to look it up. No index. So I went to Amazon, called it up, and clicked on Look Inside, and there and there it was. A search button.  Here’s what I got, and all three were helpful.