Paris in India in London

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La Porte des Indes


The view from our table at Porte des IndesOur friend Pat Chapman, the King of Curries and England’s foremost authority on Indian cuisine, had decided to take Mary Jane and I to the best Indian restaurant in the U.K. So he and his wife Dominque picked us up at the hotel and in fifteen minutes we were inside the gorgeous Porte des Indes, the only Indian restaurant to win the Best Curry Restaurant award twice, beating more than 8,500 other competitors. The head chef, Mehernosh Mody, dropped by our table three times, and during his first visit decided that he would order his favorite dishes for us and we, of course, agreed enthusiastically. Little did we know that it would be a 20-course lunch and take two and a half hours to finish it. The complete article,”Paris in India in London,” tells the little-known story of the early French presence in India, so read it here.