A Ponga, Some Yellowtails, and Mexican Sashimi

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Mexican Sashimi


Mary Jane and I fell in love with the little town of Todos Santos on the Pacific Coast of Baja California Sur, just north of Cabo San Lucas. We stayed at the Hotel California (is that fitting, or what?) and met the chef there, Dany Lamote. I persuaded Dany to speak with the local fishermen and hire them to take us out fishing on a ponga boat for yellowtail and tuna, two of the favorite fish served in sushi bars. Yellowtail is known in Japanese as hamachi, and it’s my favorite raw fish. We had a great time and ended up with 33 pounds of fresh fillets. What does a chef do with all that fish? Well, read the complete article “A Ponga, Some Yellowtails, and Mexican Sashimi” and find out!