Barbados, Bonney Peppers, and Bliss

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Aerial View of the Sandy Beach Resort


When the weather gets cold around here, I dream of past tropical trips, and fortunately, I have documented a lot of them. In my opinion, while Jamaica and Trinidad are two of the most fascinating countries of the Caribbean, the most civilized one is Barbados.

“One bellyful don’ fatten de hog,” goes a proverb in Barbados, meaning that it takes bit of an effort to achieve anything worthwhile. That saying applies to finding true Bajan food if you’re staying at a resort or beach hotel, because they serve mostly American-style fare. So, to experience the wide range of fiery island delights, we had to desert the beach and meet the cooks, chefs, and saucemakers of Barbados. Read my story on Barbados here. It has some great recipes!