New Book on Chiles in New Mexico

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New Mexico Chiles

It’s impossible for me to be objective about this book because I wrote the foreword that begins this tale of chile peppers in New Mexico. It was written by filmmaker and now author Kelly Urig, who you might have guessed is a friend of mine. The only thing that would make this book better would be smell-o-vision so readers could sample the wonderful aroma of roasting green chiles. I mean, this book has it all: history, science, farming, restaurants, industries, the people, recipes, and chile events. Kelly writes: “It took…moving away from New Mexico to discover what was so significant about chile to New Mexicans and to gain a better understanding of my cultural identity. In a manner of speaking, chile found me and led me back home to where it all started: family and our traditions of farming and making the best chile.” I highly recommend this book, particularly if you’re interested in a state where the Official State Question is “Red or Green?” You can purchase Kelly’s book here.

Kelly Urig

Author Kelly Urig with Her Chile Crown