How Much for My Meyer Lemons? $10 Each

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Meyer Lemons

Yes, ten bucks each is what Mary Jane says it cost me to grow the eight lemons on my little tree in a container that I winter over in my small greenhouse. There’s water expense, fertilizer, heating the greenhouse for at least four months, but even if all that adds up to $80 for eight lemons, so what? It’s my hobby, dammit! And my obsession to grow tropical plants and get them to fruit in the desert. I gave up on dwarf mangos, as I had two plants and only grew three mangos in ten years. What the hell did they cost each? I tried a banana tree (really, the largest herb in the world) and it never set fruit. After being severely whipped by the wind, it is a pathetically ugly thing. I couldn’t give it away, so I composted it. The papaya needed a lot more humidity than can be practically produced in the desert, so it shriveled and was similarly recycled. So this Meyer lemon mini-tree is my last gasp for my tropical fruits obsession. I promise!