2016 New Years’ Revolutions

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dark beer

A lot of people make New Years’ resolutions, but I like to make revolutions.

1. I’m not going to open a restaurant in 2016. (This one has been on my annual list for 40 years now.)
2. With a brew pub opening every other day in New Mexico, I’m going to drink more local beer.
3. I’m going to rescue another dog. In 2015, I rescued Bruno, gave him to Pet-a-Bulls, and they found him a good home.

Bruno the Brindle

Bruno the Brindle












4. In 2015 we traveled to Washington, D.C., Orlando, New York City, Italy, Wisconsin, and Ithaca, NY. Ithaca was the only place I’d never been before. So I vow to again go someplace I’ve never been before. Not prison.
5. Next year, I’m going to write at least one novel.

Not all that revolutionary, I guess, but enough for me.