2016 NMSU Library Calendar: Red or Green?

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2016 NMSU Library Calendar cover

As some of you may know, I endowed the NMSU Library with the Dave DeWitt Food History Collection, which now numbers more than 600 volumes. As a part of that endowment, I assisted the library with the publication of their 2016 Calendar, which is devoted to our state “vegetable,” the chile pepper. On the first of each month, I will post that calendar month on this blog. Here is January, with an historic photo and a recipe from one of my early books with Nancy Gerlach. The calendar is $10 plus shipping, and if you’re interested, email April Anaya, aanaya@ad.nmsu.edu. The caption for the photo is: “Agricultural workers packing chiles; date unknown. Collection Name: Maurice and Ida May ‘Pat’ Eby.”

January Photo
January Days