Penzeys Spices Has Arrived!

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Penzey’s Spices, with 70 retail locations across the country, has finally arrived in Albuquerque, and  Need some ginger? They have minced, powdered, bits, crystallized, and cracked. For peppercorns, you can choose between Tellicherry or Malabar, and they also have white peppercorns, green peppercorns and those pink Brazilian peppercorns that are a different plant genus. They have 12 different varieties of dried chiles, including chipotle, cascabel, ancho, and de arbol. Paprika is in a category by itself with 4 different varieties. If you need that many, they carry 8 different kinds of cinnamon. They have soup bases that are excellent: beef, chicken and vegetable, and far tastier than bullion cubes or powders. The prices? Well, for black pepper prices at Albertson’s this morning averaged $3.50 per ounce, but if you order in bulk, like 3 cups, the price drops to 94 cents an ounce. And for oregano, at Alberson’s prices ranged from $4.64 to $9.98 per ounce while bulk ordering from Penzeys causes the price to drop to $4.47 per ounce. I’m now a committed Penzeys Spices fan, and their website is right here.

Penzey's Shop

Penzey’s Shop