Jagger Henley, Lizard Hunter

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Jagger's Hobby

There he is, on point. But he’s not a pointer, he’s a Dobie, a working dog who’s supposed to be guarding the yard, not chasing lizards. Jagger Henley is the most interesting dog we’ve every had. When he was a 50-pound puppy, he got Mary Jane accidentally tangled up in his leash and knocked her down, resulting in a broken hip. She forgave him. He has several hobbies: barking at cats, protecting us from UPS delivery people, raising hell when the big truck steals our trash bin. And now, lizards.

Desert Whiptail

This is the Desert Grassland Whiptail, a very fast-running species. We probably have ten in our yard. All whiptails are female, reproducing via parthenogenesis. Jagger has yet to catch one, but he keeps trying.