A Chile Lover’s “Mexican Thanksgiving”

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Here’s the way to have a different kind of Thanksgiving, thanks to Food Editor Emeritus Nancy Gerlach, who lives Chelem, Mexico near Merida. She writes: “During the Thanksgiving holiday season, it’s the time of year that if turkeys were smart, they’d head for the hills or dress like dogs, and every food magazine has a picture of the perfect bird on their cover. Well, turkeys are definitely not smart, but cooking them is easy, and I’ll leave the conventional recipes to others. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a traditional stuffed turkey. I do, and I usually cook a big one so that we can enjoy all the leftovers. And one of my favorite “Mexican Thanksgiving” meals is Mole Poblano de Guajolote. Turkey smothered in chocolate chile sauce is quite possibly Mexico’s finest and most unusual entree. People have been known to travel to the city of Puebla, the birthplace of this historical dish, just to sample the city’s mole.” The complete story with recipes is here.