Secret Sweet and Spicy Holiday Cakes

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I heard a rumor that some holidays were approaching, so being my usual politically-correct self, I’m not going to associate these recipes with any particular religious, ethnic, or patriotic holiday. It’s a mix-and-match dessert cake scenario. For centuries, cakes have been some of the most traditional desserts served on important occasions. From weddings and baptisms and even funerals, cakes have helped us commemorate the beginnings and endings of life’s important moments. Why don’t you serve these to guests without telling them what’s in the desserts? That should stimulate the conversation and liven up the party.

–Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with Red Chile Ganache
–Not Your Aunt Bertha’s Fruitcake
–Mandarin Orange Walnut Piquin Cake
–Red Hot Chiles Carrot Cake
–Red Chile Chocolate Cake with Pineapple Mango Chipotle Glaze

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