Biker Billy’s Jalapeño Triumph

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Harald Zoschke reports from Bardolino, Italy

At the Fiery Foods Show in 2000 we met Billy Hufnagle, better known as “Biker Billy.”  He’s a biker, cookbook author and TV personality (“Biker Billy cooks with Fire”). U.S. seed producer Burpee dedicated a particularly hot Jalapeño variety to Billy. This spring I flipped through one of Billy’s cookbooks, and I discovered a pack of “Biker Billy Jalapeño” seeds that I used as a bookmark, still sealed! The pack says: “Packed for 2000” – but of course we gave it a try. An amazing 50% of the seeds we sowed from this pack germinated quite nicely! On the contrary, some commercial seeds stamped “Good until 2018” didn’t germinate at all this year. The Billy plants are doing great, and we just started harvesting excellent Biker Billy Jalapeño. Cheers to Billy!