Tomatoes That Look Like Chiles

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Many people wish that plant breeders could come up with a tomato with chile pepper heat, and one of Dr. Paul Bosland’s breeding associates is working on it and soon the first crop will be tested for heat. Meanwhile, there have been attempts to get the shapes right. This tomato, above, held by Harald Zoschke, is called ‘Chilimato’. He commented: “Well that was a novelty item back in 2004. I believe from these guys here (Gärtner Pötschke), but it’s not in the assortment anymore.” If you want to grow tomatoes shaped like peppers, your best bet is the Super Italian Paste Tomato from Burpee:


The link to order seeds for next season is here. Another variety is ‘Opalka’ from Tomato Growers’ Supply:


The catalog copy reads “Tomatoes are large, at least 5 inches long, and shaped like a banana pepper with a pronounced tip on the bottom.” Get them here. And maybe, one day, there will be a GMO spicy tomato, but of course it will be protested.