Cooking from the New Chile Book

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Harald Zoschke writes to Maricel Presilla, author of Peppers of the Americas (reviewed in my last post):

Dear Maricel, yesterday we cooked “Zafra’s Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Refried Beans on Chipotle Vanilla Sauce” from your wonderful new pepper book. It turned out great and was soo delicious, my wife Renate and I ate it all by ourselves! That tomato sauce with chipotle, vanilla and chocolate is just amazing. I sacrificed an ounce of my 60% Criollo choc from Venezuela, and it was well worth it. For the refried black beans we had to make a substitution – since the leaves from our little avocado plant had no flavor, we used a teaspoon of freshly ground wild fennel seeds instead, which also have kind of a licorize aroma – worked great. Here’s a little collage of our cooking. This delish recipe alone is reason enough for us to grow Piquillos again next year…