My Fourth Green Chile Harvest

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In a recent post I discussed how sequential harvesting over the growing season will radically increase your garden’s chile yield.  Here’s evidence. It’s the end of September and maybe there’s three weeks left before the first freeze, and above is my fourth harvest from 27 NuMex chile plants, yielding 4 1/2 pounds of raw pods. It looks like this amount of chile should weigh more than that, but remember, the pods are mostly hollow inside. I will roast the pods on my gas grill, peel, remove the seeds and stems, and chop the chiles. Then I’ll put them in plastic ice cube trays and freeze them. Finally I’ll pop them out into a freezer zip bag, and then double-bag them to prevent freezer burn. Why bother with all this, you ask, when frozen green chile is available at every supermarket? But what’s the fun in that? I just love turning part of our backyard into a garden every year!