I’m Off to China!

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Taking a chilli bath is considered to be public entertainment in Chongqin, China, where I’m headed on Tuesday. Of course, the hot stuff is the reason I’m going–to attend the 3rd Annual International Chilli Conference in Zunyi, which is the Chilli Capital of China. It’s about a three-hour drive south of Chongqin. Here’s how my hosts, the Organizing Committee for the Capsicum Conference described the chilli region: “Xiazi town is located in the eastern part of Zunyi, which is a famous historical and cultural city on the southwest of China. The town covers an area of 216.1 square kilometers with 9 villages and 2 communities, with a population of nearly 110,000 people. The main grain crops are rice and corn, and the main economic crops are chilli and rapa (seed for canola oil). “Xiazi Pod Pepper” was named as “the most famous pepper in Guizhou Province” [and is the most commonly grown variety in the region]. Relying on the chilli industry and the Zunyi Free Trade Zone and the development of Guizhou Xinpu Economic and Development Zone, the government plans to build Xiazi Town into “The World Chilli Processing Trade Base” to approach the aim of “National chili, distribution in Xiazi, buying and selling in global markets”. At the same time, it plans to build the “China Chili Park” into a global chili wholesale market and China’s important chili futures market.” This is a great opportunity for me and I thank the Organizing Committee for sponsoring and hosting my trip and also thanks to the DeZhuang International Holdings Company and LI Dejian, Gianluca Luisi, and LU Kecheng for helping to organize this trip.