It’s Harvest Time!

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All around the country, gardeners are picking pods, roasting and peeling them, and, of course, eating them. Here is our collection of harvesting articles, recipes, and additional info.

–The season is not over yet! Maximizing Your Pepper Pod Yield will help you grow more pods before the first frost.

Roasting, Peeling, and Freezing Chiles. How to deal with fresh chiles.

Drying, Smoking,Powders and Spice Blends are all great preservation techniques.

Chile Vinegars and Oils. This is probably the easiest way to put up chiles. Simply pack the chiles and herbs in sterilized jars and cover with the vinegar.

–One of the best ways to handle an overwhelming chile crop is to pickle them.

–An unusual preservation technique is Juicin’ Chiles.