Guinea Fowl Are Semi-Wild in the South Valley

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With all those spots, Guinea fowl are definitely goofy-looking. They are, however, accomplished foragers. I saw a flock of them land in tall alfalfa, where they disappeared to hunt for grasshoppers and other insects and the moving alfalfa looked like it had been hit by a strong wind. They don’t really need to be fed chicken or turkey chow during warm weather as they can easily find their own food, but some people “keep” them as barnyard fowl. Bored with chow, the entire flock will take off to find the nearest alfalfa or corn field. In the wild, Guinea fowl play a pivotal role in the control of ticks, flies, locusts, scorpions, and other invertebrates. They pluck maggots from carcasses and manure. As edible poultry, the hens are very tasty as well. Mary Jane and I first dined on them at Jeffrey’s Restaurant in Austin and I liked the meat better than chicken, turkey, or duck. If you’d like to give it a try, find the meat for sale here or here.