My New Chile Book Drops Sept. 15

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That’s the release date when the University of New Mexico Press is releasing Chile Peppers: A Global History. It’s my first book published by a university press and I am thrilled by the great job done by director Steve Hull and his publishing team. It’s a trade paperback, 4-color throughout, about 376 pages, and the page proofs look great. It’s extremely well designed. It’s part culinary history, part travelogue, part memoir, and part horticultural science. Basically, Mary Jane and I travel around the world exploring the cultures of the chile pepper in all its myriad of forms. Since recipes are important to culinary history, I’ve included a few of my favorites throughout the book, but that doesn’t make it a cookbook. It’s available for pre-order from Amazon, here, Before it’s available, I’ll be publishing some excerpts on this blog, so stay tuned.