We Take the Covid-19 Test

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Last Wednesday, Mary Jane and I drove to a parking lot near downtown where Lovelace Hospital and TriCore Reference Laboratories had set up a drive-through Covid-19 Testing Line. We showed them our IDs and insurance cards, then proceeded to the nurses’ station. The nurse asked me, “Are you the guy who produces the Fiery Foods Show?” (This happens all the time.). I said, “One of them.” She said, “I love that show. Blow your nose and tilt your head back.” I complied and she stuck a swab 9 inches long up my right nostril and halfway to my brain. “That’s it,” she told me. “Your results will be ready in three days. Here’s the online link to check.” The procedure took 18 minutes.This morning I checked and this came up on the screen:

Mary Jane’s was the same. We’re going to pop the cork for breakfast and celebrate! Nowadays, negative is a good thing!