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This two-book series is entertaining and a fun read. Neither great literature nor particularly suspenseful, but highly enjoyable

I’ve read every other book in the Peter Ash series and enjoyed them. This title is more like, “how many bizarre descriptions of violence can I cram into a thriller?” Way over the top and not recommended.

The best WWII history I’ve read this year. The fall of Japan involved a hell of a lot more than just atomic bombs! Very surprising and highly recommended.









The best nonfiction book I’ve read this year so far. Ackerman always finds ways to amaze me, and I know a lot about birds. Birds are tool-makers and tool users. How
about this example during a grass fire? “I have seen a hawk pick up a smoldering stick in its claws and drop it in a fresh patch of dry grass half a mile away then wait with its mates for the mad exodus of scorched and frightened rodents and reptiles…” This is one of the best bird books ever!