Start of Summer Garden Report

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Considering the fact that summer is about to start, the plants are well established and starting to bloom. In the square bed above (74 sq. ft.) are 3 varieties of peppers, tomatoes, cannabis, and corn. The black you see is gardening fabric to prevent weeds. Cannabis plants are in the large plastic pots. In New Mexico we’re allowed 12 blooming plants, so I will cull all the male plants when they start to bloom, leaving all the females to grow as powerful sinsemilla.

In the long rectangular bed (71.5 sq. ft.), I planted corn and the majority of the tomatoes. Drip hoses beneath the fabric provide an efficient and water-saving way to irrigate both beds. I used to  scatter bark on top of the fabric so the beds would look better, but by the end of the season, UV light deteriorated the fabric and the bark ended up mixing with the soil. the bed are made with railroad ties that were pressure-treated with creosote, so some plants like beans can’t grow close to the ties. I replanted to beans in pots on top of the ties, so I’ll have a bean crop after all.

At the end of the season, I’ll post a harvest report.