Department of Stupid Internet Advice

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On many of the news websites there is a section for paid advertorials that are designed to funnel viewers to various other sites to attempt to sell them something they generally don’t need. To grab the viewers’ attention, often these adverorials offer “advice” on various subjects, Here are a few of them that are particularly egregious. –Police warn not to … Read More

More Things to Worry About…

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…According to the Paid Posts on News Sites. You’d think that COVID, inflation, Russia invading Ireland, Trump running again, and blizzards would be enough to worry about. But the Marketers who publish paid stories mixed among the real news have many more things to increase your anxiety level: –Weakened tooth enamel. –Orange juice prices. –Unvaccinated tennis stars. –Resorts closing in … Read More

Happy Holiday Humor: Rejected Book Titles

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From my connections in the book publishing industry, I have learned some new, shocking facts. Acquisition editors are no longer reading book proposals or manuscripts from authors, and they can’t depend on judging a book by its cover because the covers have not yet been designed. So they’re depending on book titles to make their decisions on whether or not … Read More

Absurd Gifts from Holiday Catalogs

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Now playing: Holiday Catalogs Hysteria! It’s always fun to see what the gift geniuses employed by the mail order catalogs have come up with this year for gullible shoppers to buy for their favorite perverted relatives and friends. I found two catalogs loaded with astonishingly stupid Christmas presents, Signals (S) and Hammacher Schlemmer (HS): –Dinosaur Waffle Maker (S). Teach your … Read More

Rejected Book Titles

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Through my contacts in the book publishing industry, I have compiled the following amusing collection of book titles that editors hated and summarily rejected. Personal Care and Beauty DIY: Be Your Own Therapist Pimplology: Using Homemade Lasers for Skin Care You Call This Fat? Turn Your B.O. Into a Powerful Attractant  Food and Cooking Spruce It Up: The Conifer Cookbook … Read More