Mulberry Madness

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During the late spring and early summer there are certain specific destinations I go to on my long walks in the South Valley of Albuquerque: fruiting mulberry trees. I carry along a plastic bag and spend some quality time harvesting the ripe berries and staining my hands reddish-purple. But the stains are worth it–they wash off easily and the berries … Read More

Sausage Spectacular

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Variety of sausage products. Close-up shot.

Mike Stines writes: “One of my traditional favorites for the smoker, grill, summer get-togethers and tailgating parties is sausage. Whether it’s smoky Louisiana andouille, spicy Mexican chorizo, Texas hot links or German bratwurst, sausage is a perennial favorite on the grill. Food historians can’t document the start of sausage making but we know that the process began as a way … Read More