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DishingUpNM CoverDave DeWitt’s Appearances in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston, and Santa Fe, Aug. & Sept. 2014, here.


Precious Cargo: How Foods From the Americas Changed the World

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From Counterpoint Press, Berkeley

The Premise

I admit that I laughed out loud when I reread historian Alfred W. Crosby’s 1972 diatribe against what he termed the Columbian exchange,” saying it “has left us with not a richer but a more impoverished genetic pool. We, all of the life on this planet are the less for Columbus, and the impoverishment will increase.” Instead of this sort of dated doom and gloom about the Columbian exchange, I propose a new vision of that monumental collision of foods and technology: The discovery of the Americas was a watershed event for food that forever changed history and triggered unforeseen advances in agriculture, enterprise, and commerce that allowed the development of the modern world. Admittedly, this progress came with horrendous problems, like slavery and the destruction of indigenous societies and species, but I don’t believe it serves any useful purpose to make moral judgments about historical events. The purpose of Precious Cargo, is simply to tell the many stories of how and why western hemisphere foods and crops conquered the rest of the world and saved it from not only culinary boredom, but mass starvation as well. See the Counterpoint Press catalog pages here.

DishingUpNM CoverDishing Up New Mexico

From Storey Publishing

This is a farm-to-table cookbook featuring New Mexico small farmers, ranchers, restaurateurs, chefs, and 160 recipes featuring the foods of the Land of Enchantment.


Foreword, by Vicki Pozzebon, director of Delicious New Mexico

Introduction: The Legacy of New Mexico’s Agriculture

Chapter 1. Chile Peppers, the Heart and Soul of the State

Chapter 2. Transforming the Essential Vegetables

Chapter 3. Farm to Table Seasonal Delights

Chapter 4. From Mozzarella to Chèvre: Enchanting Cheeses

Chapter 5. Exceptional Meats from Churro Lamb to Oryx

Chapter 6. Cooking with Unique Specialty Food Products

Chapter 7. Brilliant Beverages

Chapter 8. Nuts, Fruits, and Extraordinary Desserts

Appendix 1. Farmers’ Markets of New Mexico

Appendix 2. New Mexico Food and Beverage Events

Appendix 3. Participating Delicious New Mexico Members