Early Spring Gardening Grunt Work

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Above is an early morning shot of my new raised bed, installed by the crew of Desert Gardens in Albuquerque. One of the guys on the crew–a giant of a man–carried those twelve-foot railroad ties into our back yard by himself. Early spring, of course is the time the yard plants get trimmed, the fallen leaves are removed, and the … Read More

Fiery Foods Show Defeats Fear of COVID

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We were prepared for disappointment–low attendance, complaints about masks interfering with tasting, half the exhibitors not showing up at the last minute, and a few more possible disasters I won’t even mention.  Fortunately for everyone, none of those scenarios happened. We had excellent attendance for New Mexico’s first large indoor show since the pandemic. It was not a record crowd, … Read More

Fiery Foods & BBQ Show Returns

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This coming Friday afternoon at 4pm marks the return of the National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show at Sandia Resort and Casino. After missing last year because of a certain virus, our show is coming back strong in our 33rd year of producing it.. Masking is now optional, and we originally thought that proof of vaccination would be mandated, but … Read More

A Disturbing New Trend in Publishing

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                On February 8, 2022, archaeologist Jennifer Raff published her book Origin through her publisher Twelve, an imprint of the Hachette Book Group. It is 369 pages long in hardcover and costs $39.89. The Kindle ebook costs $14.99. Since then, at least seven “summaries” of her book appeared on Amazon. They are: SUMMARY: … Read More

Enough is Enough!

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Usually, I avoid discussing political issues, but I must speak out about the stupidity of some of these anti-vaxxers. One said that the COVID vaccine was a “bio-weapon” and another called it a “crime against humanity.” What planet were these people born on? Would they return us to the days of polio paralysis and the scourge of smallpox, which killed … Read More