Pizza Hut Joins the Fiery Foods Movement

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                Pizza Hut’s New “Spicy Lover’s Pizza” People are increasingly craving spicy food, Pizza Hut says. A third-party report from Technomic, a research firm that specializes in the food service industry, found that nearly 80% of fast food customers say they enjoy “moderately spicy foods,” and that spicy flavors attract younger and more … Read More

More Things to Worry About…

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…According to the Paid Posts on News Sites. You’d think that COVID, inflation, Russia invading Ireland, Trump running again, and blizzards would be enough to worry about. But the Marketers who publish paid stories mixed among the real news have many more things to increase your anxiety level: –Weakened tooth enamel. –Orange juice prices. –Unvaccinated tennis stars. –Resorts closing in … Read More

For Chileheads and Potheads, the Ideal Governor

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New Mexico’s Democratic Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, is one of my heroes–or heroines, if you will. What other governor would call a special session of the state legislature for the sole purpose of legalizing marijuana? No one that I know of. In 2021, she did that very thing–and succeeded! Here’s what she said about cannabis then: “We are proactively stopping … Read More

Fishy Business

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My good friend Harald Zoschke photoshopped the above image for a birthday card for me a few years ago, and it points to a change in my writing career. For years I wrote every book I could think of about chile peppers and spicy food, and that will culminate in mid-March when the University of New Mexico Press publishes The … Read More