The Las Cruces Chile Drop

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Las Cruces Chile Drop

When the 15-foot chile pepper drops tonight in downtown Las Cruces, will its 400 LED lights be red or green? Citizens in the capital of chileland have been voting for weeks for their favorite chile color, and despite the illustration above, I predict green will win. Research done by Larry Gray in 2008, when he was a 12-year old student, and published here on the SuperSite, indicated that New Mexicans preferred green over red chiles. Here were the results of Larry’s study:
Restaurants: 59.33% green to 40.67% red
Mexican Food Distributors: 67.00% green to 33.00% red
Survey All 100 people: 75.00% green to 25.00% red
So tonight will be big in Las Cruces, with bands playing, restaurants serving chile of both colors, the giant green chile descending from outer space to the delight of people enjoying the Beer and Wine Garden, and a temperature predicted to be 20 degrees.

Illustration courtesy of the Las Cruces Sun-News