The Bogus Chile Pepper Cancer Scare

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The Location of the False Cancer Scare


It was 21 years ago when I ran this story in Chile Pepper magazine, of which I was the editor. It was interesting that after our story ran, the sensationalistic “chiles cause stomach cancer” stories vanished from the media. Here’s how it all began:

“Let’s put this absurdity to rest right now. Despite all the mass media hype and paranoia, there is not one bit of credible evidence linking chile peppers with causing any type of cancer.  Period. Remember the (disproved) cranberry cancer scandal, the alar in apples fraud, and the idiotic coffee is-is not-is-is not bad for you reports?  The chile scare is clearly the legacy of such sensationalism, which is caused by researchers grasping for grants and a naive popular press.  Shoddy research begets shoddy journalism–where every “scientific” study is given enormous credence by gullible media.” Read the “The Bogus Chile Pepper Cancer Scare” in its entirety here.