The Naked Truth: A Chili Cookoff at the Famous Chicken Ranch Brothel

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Chicken Ranch Brothel sign

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The Chickens Eat ChiliThis article, by Burro Bob Wiseman, has been read 107,000 times on the SuperSite. Burro Bob writes: “The setting was not at a village green, a shopping mall parking lot, or in front of a bar; this cookoff was at a cat-house–a legal bordello better know as the World Famous Chicken Ranch Brothel.  And I’m here with my wife!  Now, how’s them apples, pardner? Coyote Jodi and I have cooked at some unique places–Hawaii, Mexico, all over the western U.S. and in all types of weather and conditions, even at a nudist colony or two–ahem, clothing optional. But, at a brothel, this was a first. Scouts honor, it really happened. Read the entire article about the chili cookoff at the Chicken Ranch Brothel here.