Chili Philosophy and Humor

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Everyone has an opinion about chili. Arguably, it is the most contentious food in the world, triggering debates as to its origin, authenticity, preparation, and influence on international culinary practices. While researching chili for this exclusive report, I found a treasure trove of controversial opinions and observations. It is my pleasure to share them with readers with a literary bent–or those who are just bent, period.


Famed Navajo Artist R.C. Gorman’s Illustration for the ICS World Championship

Montezuma’s Cookoff

In a full-page ad for Montezuma Tequila in first issue of the ICS publication, Chili, Barton Distillers ran some copy about how Montezuma, king of the Aztecs, invented the first Quetzalcoatl Chili Cook-off. The Aztecs starved themselves for six weeks just to “sharpen their taste buds.” Then at the cook-off, there was a maize-throwing contest, a throw-the-maiden-in-the-volcano contest, a wet loin cloth contest, and a Chiligula (god of chili) Look-Alike Contest that was one by Montezuma, Jr. “Then came the chili judging,” went the copy. “Montezuma himself deigned to taste the chili and awarded the winner with a lifetime supply of leg irons.”

The above quote is from a much longer article on Fiery Foods Central, Part 10: Chili Philosophy and Humor, Plus a Family Recipe That Makes a Statement.