Lamb: It’s Not Just for Easter Anymore

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Lamb Shank

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From Mike Stines and just posted on the SuperSite: “Roast lamb with mint jelly is a classic fancy meal for Easter, but lamb – cooked in a variety of ways – is great anytime of the year. Lamb, hogget and mutton are all sheep, the difference being the age of the animal. “Lamb” is the term for a sheep under one year old (also known as spring lamb); “hogget” (also called yearling lamb) is more than one year old, while “mutton” is two or more years old. Common cuts include sirloin, ribs, shank, rack, chops, shoulder and leg. Although China produces the most, lamb available in the United States is sourced from New Zealand, Australia and the midwestern states. The lamb raised in the Midwest is pasture-grazed and grain-finished, while Australian and New Zealand lamb is grass fed and grass-finished. This produces a different taste and texture.” Read Mike’s lamb article and recipes here.