99+1 Taps of Beer on the Wall at Matanza

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100 Taps of New Mexico Beer

Today Hans and I decided to try out Matanza, a new restaurant in Albuquerque. The themes of this restaurant are: (a) a new take on the foods of New Mexico, (b) striking decor, and (c) 100 New Mexico beers on tap. Yes, that’s right, 100 of them–see the panoramic photo above, taken by Hans. As far as the menu goes, both Hans and I had what the chefs at Matanza call “Burgesa, NM,” which is a “7-ounce patty of New Mexico grass-fed beef, Hatch green chiles, smoked cheddar, pecanwood bacon, and Chimayo aioli on a fresh brioche bun.” It’s the Matanza version of the now-iconic green chile cheeseburger. This one passed the Dave as Cheeseburger Judge test. Other dishes I’m going to try are:
–Ceviche Martini: Limon-marinated trout, Gulf shrimp, crab, avocado, roasted tomatoes, jalapeno, basic, and cucumber, served with tostadas.
–Matanza Adovada: Generous tastes of sun-dried Hatch red chile-marinated pulled adivadam crispy pork belly adovada and chile-rubbed pecan-smoked spare ribs served with artisan tortillas.
–Philly, NM: Shaved top sirloin, queso blanco,crispy onion/redbell pepper/jalapeno or a fresh torta roll.

So far, I like this place and recommend it. Below is a shot of my Burgesa, NM.

Burgesa, NM

The green chile cheeseburger known at Burgesa, NM at Matanza, with a side of Caesar Limon salad.