A Chile-Blessed Christmas Around the World

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Chile Piñata

This article was written by Nancy Gerlach, who I wrote ten books with. She was the food editor of the original Chile Pepper magazine while I was the founding editor. She loves New Mexico but retired with her husband Jeff to a beachfront house in Yucatán, Mexico. This is how she started the article:

‘Tis the season to count our blessings and I’ve always counted the years I lived in New Mexico as a blessing. A big part of that is our wonderful chile and chile-based cuisine. At Christmas time there are so many tasty traditional chile dishes that are served here: posole, tamales, green chile stew, and red chile to name a few. But New Mexico is not the only place where the pungent pod plays a roll in holiday fare.  In many countries where Christmas is celebrated, chiles are an integral ingredient in traditional holiday foods.

The article is here and the recipes in the article are here: