How to Dry Pepper Pods in Turkey

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My peppahead friend Larry Noggle, who publishes a gorgeous chile pepper harvest calendar every year, sent me the link to these unusual photos of chile pod drying in Turkey. Larry writes: “An amazing chile harvest in Turkey. They appear to be ‘Marash’ or ‘Allepo’ peppers. This looks pretty effective, barring any commuter traffic. Too bad that the ‘Allepo’ crops in Syria were wiped out by the sick war on humanity.” The photo above illustrates that when the pods are fresh red, it doesn’t matter if you walk on them. Below, a gallery of photos illustrating the technique. No mention was made about sanitation, but usually, after the pods dry in the open air anywhere, they are at least sprayed off and redried indoors prior to bagging.

unloading bags of chiles

From the Field to the Asphalt

spreading peppers on the road

All the pods are spread out evenly to dry.

winding chile road

The Long and Winding Chile Road