Smoking and Grilling in Winter Weather

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Mike Stines, our barbecue editor, writes: “For those in the northern climes, smoking season ends with the arrival of cold weather. A lot of folks pack up their grills and smokers in October and leave them forsaken until March or April, when temperatures begin their slow climb above freezing. Enthusiastic – or fanatical, depending on your viewpoint – backyard cooks use their outdoor cookers throughout the year, regardless of the weather.”

Mike is the author of our two-part series on smoking and grilling in cold weather.

Part 1, “Winter Smoking: A How-To Guide,” is here.
Part 2, “Wintertime Grilling: Cooking Safely in Comfort,” is here.

Mike adds: “In the northern climes, outdoor cooking can present some challenges during late fall, winter and early spring when the winds are blustery and the temperatures hover near–or well below–the freezing mark. Cooking times will be longer…the grill or smoker will have a hard time holding temperature…and the cook will be cold! But there are ways to defeat Mother Nature. Propane heaters for your deck or patio provide a comfort zone while cooking. Layering clothing keeps the cook comfortable walking to and from the grill. Preheated plates and serving dishes keep the food warm from the grill to the table.” He then goes on to list 14 tips for cold weather grilling.