What Is a Leftover, Anyway?

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I never know what I’m going to find in the hundreds and hundreds of books on my shelves. I was surprised to see that I have a copy of the seventeenth printing of this book in 1974. How did it get there? It was probably in my mom’s cookbook collection, which I inherited along with my brother Rick. And someone marked this quote from author Peg Bracken:
“Then there’s another thing these [I love to cook] cookbooks do. They seem to consider everything a leftover, which you must do something with. For instance, cake. This is like telling you what to do with your leftover whisky. Cake isn’t a leftover. Cake is cake, and it is either eaten or isn’t eaten; and if the family didn’t go for that Mocha Frosting, you give the rest of the cake to the neighbor or to the lady downstairs before it can go stale. Maybe she’ll make something out of it.”