Dave Gets a Rattler

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Notice the silver griddle pulled out pf the bottom red panel.

Notice the silver griddle pulled out of the bottom red panel.

Affirmative Solutions, the company that produces Albuquerque’s versatile Disc-It outdoor cookers, is now manufacturing a line of high-tech pellet smokers that they call Sidewinder Grills. What, you say, “grills,” not “pellet smokers” in the title? Well, the Rattler Series, now in my possession, is both. It can quickly achieve 600 degrees F., hotter than most gas grills, and it also has a steel griddle for searing steaks, which is even hotter. Because this unit was just delivered, I haven’t broken it in yet, but will do so this weekend. Then I’ll do a massive smoking project and report on it.  This is probably the most attractive of all pellet smokers made. Learn more at their web site, here.