It’s Hot Sauce Time, Plus a Mud

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For some unknown reason, manufacturers have been sending me hot sauces–and a spread–that I’ve never tried before. I like all of them, so I’m passing the good word on to my readers.

Secret Aardvark won’t be a secret much longer. The sauces, made in Portland, Oregon, come packaged in squeeze bottles for the ease of application. I’ve tried three of the sauces, the Habanero, the Serrabanero, and the Drunken Jerk. The Habanero was the hottest, the Drunken Jerk was the most flavorful and would make a nice grilling sauce for chicken or pork, and the Serrabanero was a good, all-around hot sauce with medium neat. More at


Tequila Mud is a spirit mud. What’s that, you wonder. Well, read on. “They’re like hot sauce, but better. The ‘nutshell’ description is that we pack a huge cooker with the best peppers we can find, and then fill the rest of the space with exceptional spirits (really good booze), and some vinegars and salts. Then we cook it all the way down to a thick, loamy mud. We repeat this process over the course of 3 months or so, constantly cooking, and steering the flavor with the perfect pepper variants. At the end of the process, we have a giant batch of perfectly balanced Spirit Mud!” Use this like a spread, like a mustard. It’s medium-hot and very flavorful. More at

Tsimayó Hot Sauce is the most interesting to me because I think it’s the very first traditional hot sauce made in New Mexico. Sure, we have our enchilada sauces, and red and green chile sauces, but this is a table sauce like Cholula. “Tsimayó” is the Tewa Indian word for “Chimayó,” a village in northern New Mexico. “Tsimayó” is not made with with Chimayó chiles, though–it has habanero and tabasco chiles in it. It’s much better than traditional Tabasco Sauce, with less vinegar and a fuller flavor. It too comes in a handy squeeze bottle. It will be featured at our 31st National Fiery Foods & BBQ Show coming up in a month, March 1-3. More about Tsimayó Hot Sauce here: