Much Worse Than Cooties

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Little Changes We’re Making to Avoid Infection

We’re doing all the obvious things–always wearing a mask outside the home, no parties, no restaurant lunches, plus increased Zoom meetings, phone calls,  and emails. It’s a pain in the ass, but there have been too many deaths to take a chance. Additionally, we’re taking these precautions:

  1. Increase online ordering. Need common items, like books, over the counter medicines, cigarette lighters? I now use Amazon Prime more than ever.
  2. Patronize smaller stores that serve multiple needs and monitor the number of customers shopping. Trader Joes, for example has high-quality foodstuffs, and beer, wine, and liquor. They limit their customers to 48 in a typical store, and everyone inside is masked.
  3. Buy a better mask than a $2 cheapie. The one above is the one I chose, from Outdoor Research at $23 with free shipping from Amazon.  Read about this mask here.
  4. Eliminate frivolous shopping. I know Christmas is coming, but I’ve bought most of Mary Jane’s presents already–and all online. Avoid malls and big box stores.
  5. Insist that all visitors to your home wear masks–even family. Most spreaders of Covid-19 don’t have symptoms.
  6. Don’t believe the Trumpers or anti-vaxxers. They are dangerously unscientific.

That’s my two cents. Stay safe and avoid both cooties and viruses.