What, Me Worry? Then and Now

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Then: China starting a nuclear war.
Now: China calling due our national debt.
Then: Supermarkets giving away plastic bags.
Now: Will a plastic bag hold two six packs of beer?
Then: Being late for meetings.
Now: Will Zoom use up all my RAM?
Then: Your indoor cat getting outside.
Now: Can cats catch Covid-19?
Then: Am I still attractive to the opposite sex?
Now: Does this mask make my face look fat?
Then: Too much sports to watch.
Now: When does Pro Badminton Start?
Then: What counties in Europe should we visit?
Now: Is North Dakota more scenic than South Dakota?
Then: My dog has fleas.
Now: My dog has bed bugs.
Then: I hate working in my cubicle.
Now: Will my cubicle fit in our spare bedroom?
Then: Can I get reservations at my favorite fancy restaurant?
Now: Will my favorite fancy restaurant survive the pandemic?
Then: Can I master French cooking?
Now: Can I master Quarantine cooking?
Then: When will they stop adding letters to LGBTQ?
Now: What the hell is QANON, anyway?
Then: When will the Washington Redskins change its name?
Now: When will the Washington Football Team change its name?
Then: Not enough good books to read.
Now: Not enough good books to read.