Rejected Book Titles

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Through my contacts in the book publishing industry, I have compiled the following amusing collection of book titles that editors hated and summarily rejected.

Personal Care and Beauty
DIY: Be Your Own Therapist
Pimplology: Using Homemade Lasers for Skin Care
You Call
This Fat?
Turn Your B.O. Into a Powerful Attractant 

Food and Cooking
Spruce It Up: The Conifer Cookbook
Have a Food Orgy Christmas
First Served: Tasty Appetizers for Jurists

Does This Look Like It’s Festering?
The Enigma Disorder: Treating Positive Depression
Placebos: The Hidden Cure

The Art of Whining
The Myth of Mental Health
No Limit: When Excessive is Just Not Enough
I’ll Sue You If You Call Me Crazy

Be Your Own Proud Slut
The Care and Feeding of Your G-Spot
Hard to Imagine: The E.D. Con

Killer Dogs: A Breeder’s Guide
The Cry of the Dying Goose

Home and Garden
Hearth Attack: When Fireplaces Turn Deadly
How to Tile Your Toilet