Fiery Foods Show Defeats Fear of COVID

DaveFiery Foods & BBQ ShowLeave a Comment

We were prepared for disappointment–low attendance, complaints about masks interfering with tasting, half the exhibitors not showing up at the last minute, and a few more possible disasters I won’t even mention.  Fortunately for everyone, none of those scenarios happened. We had excellent attendance for New Mexico’s first large indoor show since the pandemic. It was not a record crowd, but a substantial one of enthusiastic fiery foods fans and barbecue lovers who obviously relished the return of the show that was cancelled in 2021 for obvious reasons. We’d like to thanks all the attendees for their patience. In order to satisfy the capacity rules, we had to carefully regulate the number of people entering the show and avoid over-crowding. There were few–if any–complaints, and people were not only cooperative, but were good-spirited and helpful. So thanks to all from the producers and sponsors and we’ll see you again next year on March 3-5.